Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Inspiration: Wafrica

Serge Mouangue's Wafrica series serenades my nomadic, postmodern, culturally-hyphenated, black, Buddha-curious, print-loving, fashionista soul. Originally from Cameroon, the globe-hopping designer has lived, worked and explored in France, China and Australia. His journey to Japan inspired Wafrica, a collaboration with Tokyo-based retailer, Kururi Inc. Instead of using time-honored silk, Mouangue created hybrid kimonos with pagne, the traditional wax-printed cotton fabric worn in some parts of Africa. The result is bold, feminine and mesmerizing. The promo photos are mock-anthropological. The models appear ancestral in spirit but current in form. They're elegant but comfortable, serenely pretty but seriously alert. Mouangue's post-colonial gaze is sharp. His documentation of the imagined expresses a reverence for the ancient―and yet he casually leans into the cosmopolitan. What do you think? Was this a hushed version of our past? Could it be our future?

I have to say, I would totally rock one of these outfits!
Xmas present, anyone? 
Does Santa read blogs?

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