Saturday, June 22, 2013

new poem: block party

block party

summer me thumb piano
cherry-stained fingerprints
belly rub white linen
cinnamon bark nettle tea
laundry line in rain
fire escape no ladder
air condition high
swallow swift overhead
dove coo for mimicking
linger sun fill lungs
summer poems come slow
pencil smudge paper sky
butterfly flirts with torso
sit bones dare bike ride
cracks on path hurt thrill
headphones blare erotic
city dawn funk fuck
mosquito slap arm swell
citronella restlessness
lemonade floods speech
poet grieves then lives
poet sweats then writes

© 2013 by Lenelle Moïse

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Inspiration: Annie Vought

As a writer who still sends handwritten letters, I am floored by the patience, passion and power of Annie Vought’s Cut Paper series. Vought reshapes found texts into irresistible sculpture. She works enlarged wonders with an X-acto knife.

I sent her a poem about my flying dreams, and look what she made! 

Lunar Bounce (detail) by Anne Vought.

She tells me this piece, Lunar Bounce, is almost 5 feet tall. It’s up in Holland somewhere right now. One of the best things about being an artist is inspiring other artists. Thanks, Annie, for this lovely take and creative transcription of my dream. 

The text:

dear annie,

my flying dreams are the only ones i remember
no capes no feathers
just hot pink converse sneakers
& a mighty lunar bounce
confidence puffs my chest
my eyes well with fearlessness
i’m a happier version of the hulk
crossing the country in a series of effortless leaps
the clouds are shaped like planes
i wave to seagulls & talk
with god
when the alarm goes off
my heart is soaring
but my heels itch

For more of Vought’s work, check out this great interview: